1. Introduction and overview of the project
contract number MP-89-1-000-0056
Start date 01/20/90
Project Duration 16 months

  1. Project Purpose
    Sheikh Baha’i building located in West Emdad St., North Sheikh Bahai Avenue  was considered to be used as with the future developments of the MAPSA company and was completed after 16 months.

3 .Advantage
A significant reduction in the costs by recruiting administrative techniques performed by experienced team


  1. Location and General Specifications
No. 5, West Emdad St., North Sheikh Bahai Avenue Building location
8/644 sq.m. Land area
1/3362 sq.m. Building area
6/1777 sq.m. Residential useful area
5/1584 sq.m. joints Area
7 floor (2 floors basement, pilot and four residential floors) Number of floors
Concrete structure – middle framed Structural system
Cement Blocks Roof Systems
Full implementation of the provisions of article 19 of the National Building Regulations Other Description

5 .Floor area

  Residential   Storage and utilities Parking Staircase Sum
 Floors No. of Units  Area                        No. ofUnits  Area  No. of Units Area No.of Units  Area No.ofUnits Area
Underground 1  474/80  23/50  498/30
Underground2 8  474/80  23/50  498/30
 Ground  9  386/80  111/50 498/30
 1st floor  2  444/20  23/50  467/70
 2nd floor
 3rd floor
 4th floor
 Sum 8  1776/80 8  474/80 23  861/60 252/50

6 .Equipment and Materials

 Rustic style Grade 1 Floor
Nescafe colored- Travertine Tier 1 Stone and walls for stairs
 MDF with PVCcoated and Turkish anti-theft door Doors and frames
 Rustic style stone Grade 1 Pilot
 8-person elevator-Alberto Sassi Italy motor Elevator
 Wood and glass and composite sheet exterior
 Double-glazed windows of aluminum Turkish thermal break the Windows
 Wood used in the facade and other parts, Tremwood Lunawood brand Finland Wood used in the facade
Mechanical Installations
 Sewage pipe New pipe fittings Wastewater
 Council duct fan coil heating and cooling system from LG Heating and cooling
Wiring and Contacts
 Potential 25 telephone lines for every unit Phone
 polyamide tubes Tubes
 Afsharnejad Khorasan Cables wire and cable
 CAT 6network –Legrand, France Wireless  Network
 All rooms and halls are equipped with built-in computer network systems and earthing and uninterruptible power supplyUPS Other

7 .Functions for Floors

1, -2 Basement:
Sauna, locker rooms, gym, buffet, kitchen, BATHROOMs, warehouse
2, -1 Basements:
Service spaces (parking, Praying Room, BATHROOMs and dining room)
3 Ground floors:
Conference hall, meeting rooms, Janitor’s room
4 Floors:
Two separate units with partitioning potential with administrative function

  1. stages of construction
    1 excavation:
    Due to the low level of the floor adjacent buildings and excavation height, height of 2 m diameter piles of 8.0 m below the walls of the excavation was done (excavation height: about 5 m).
    4 m and 6 m height guard structures based on plans of action was used in excavation stage

2: Foundation and Structure:
Structural calculations in accordance with the valid regulations and the especially the 2800 National Building Regulations were done.
Bilateral strip foundation 150 and 170 cm wide and 95 cm height have been implemented. Rebar and concrete have been tested by the laboratory

3: Structure:
Load Carrier system is resisting seismic lateral force in the average concrete moment frame in this buildings. Application of readily-mixed concrete, concrete and rebar tests were taken in laboratory and results were controlled.

4: Stairs
To provide space light through the skylights in the center of the building, slot designed adjacent to the main staircase was used.

5 .Equipment and Materials:

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