1. Introduction and overview of the project
MP-90-EG-0061 contract number
02/20/1388 start date
18 months Project Duration

        1. Purpose:
          Construction of office building in DIBAJI street of Tehran:
          1345 m² Actual Construction Area
          722 m Joint Area
        1. 3.Advantages:
          Consistent with limited natural surrounding environment
          Flexibility and plasticity of wooden volumes and stone surfaces
          Capability for change in exposure and a pop-up on the first floor on the North
          Through the use of natural materials
          Enjoying fresh air through the stylized micro-environment in the yard
          Energy saving
        1.  Location and Specifications:
No. 46, Arafati Street, South DIBAJI street, Sadr Highway, Tehran Building location
27/489 sq.m. Land area
2100 sq.m. Floor area
4/1351 sq.m. Apartment useful area
6/748 sq.m. Joint Area
7 floors Number of floors
Steel structure Structural system
Composite Roof Systems
Provision of parking area for 12 units Other Descriptions

5 . Floor area:

Residential Storage and utilities Parking Staircase Sum
Floors No. of Units Area No. of Units Area No. of Units Area No. of Units Area No. of Units Area
Underground 10 161/0 5 125/7 21/70 308/4
Ground 7 223/2 0 80/90 0 304/1
1st floor 2 265/0 0 21/70 0 286/7
2nd floor 2 270/1 0 21/70 0 291/8
3rd floor 2 270/1 0 21/70 0 291/8
4th floor 2 270/1 0 21/70 0 291/8
5th Floor 2 270/1 0 21/70 0 291/8
Sum 10 1345/4 10 161/0 12 348/9 0 10/211 0 2066/4

6.Equipment and materials:

Buildings Comments
Walls The ground floor and -1 basement walls are of “Gandomak Badbar” stone.  Units hall walls made of Brazilian rocks and fireplaces made of travertine.
Floor Floors covered with excellent rustic style stone (dimensions of 50 × 50) and rooms covered with laminate. Ground floor and parking floors covered with top quality Natanz granite Stone. Ramp body and floors covered with 6 to 10 cm thick MEYGON stone.
Lobby Wall Coverings for lobbies in front of units made of Kernogreen with oak veneer, Application of metal separators for separating the lobby from the parking with light design spaces flowering.
Walls  and Stairs Stone Stairway floor stone of rustic style
Service Wall tiles covered with 1st grade Chinese tiles. Toilets of ALIBERT type VALENTINO cabinets. RALF bathroom tiles. Toilets roof of 4mm thick Plexiglas.
Elevator Sahand elevator with Albertosassi engine (made in Italy) with 8 people capacity
exterior Travertine stone North facade high quality Haji Abad (Tavakoli mine), combination of travertine and Gandomak stone for the southern facade of the building
Windows Full-height windows for enjoying maximal light, thermal break
Wood used in the facade HPL wood in the facades of the building (facing north), with a 10 year warranty. Flower box in located in the North view
Wood work
Cabinets Cabinets made of bi-colored white and vange PVC
Dresser All building rooms have totally wooden lockers
Doors and frames All doors and frames made of PVC covered wood
Mechanical Installations
Water Interior plumbing of superpipe (pipes and fittings) and Airoflex insulation
Wastewater Pipes and risers of Saveh heavy galvanized pipes and welded Sepanta. Plumbing to connect to the sewage (municipal wastewater system) is predicted.
Heating and cooling 60 ton absorption refrigeration chiller manufactured in Saari-pouya factory, 125 ton cooling tower of Sanat-Gostar Abgerd, 60 Sabalan Fancoils, 2 Super 400 10-bladed boilers made in Chauffagekar factory
Electrical and communication Systems
Lighting IP65 3 watts Power LED floor lighting system to prevent the risk of electric shock
Switches and Sockets VIKO Switches and electrical panel for units and joints areas
wire and cable All wires and cables implemented in the building, of Hamedan type or other standard wires and cables. Ceiling lighting system for all units of  3 watts Power LED type
Network Cables Network system with CAT5 cable in each unit No. 5 network sockets forecast
Fire Alarm GST British building fire alarm system
Other Remote door (for cars and personnel) and video phone with colored monitor

7 .Construction stages
Foundations and structure:
The foundation of band type. A3 bars used in the foundation, tension was tested in the laboratory.  Foundation concrete by Dena concrete, produced in accordance with standards and with cement content of 350 kg per cubic meter. Its resistance was confirmed by laboratory through consecutive samplings.
Building structures are metallic and built in Ista-Felez factory. In the construction process, welding test (visual inspection, liquid penetrant and ultrasonic testing) were done and the approved by inspector and supervisor. KAVIAN sheet or sheets of Mobarakeh Steel were used.
Composites ceilings with A3 bars of were tested for strain in the laboratory. Concrete for roofs were prepared by Dena concrete, in accordance with standards and with cement content of 350 kg per cubic meter. Its resistance was confirmed by laboratory through consecutive samplings.
Drywall Installations Procedure:
-1floor peripheral walls were made from 40 cm thick pressure bricks to prevent side pressure to soil and insulated. Construction of peripheral wall was done by 20 cm thick clay bricks that has the least amount of energy release compared to existing materials. Interior walls were made of foamed ceramic and are heat and sound insulating.

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